About Prodigy

Trading made easy

Official address: 0xBD7e92Cf6F857be8541FCa6abfB72aeF8e16c307

Prodigy offers a variety of powerful tools focused on EVM Multi-chain trading.

The main product, Prodigy Sniper Bot, is a Telegram bot with an easy-to-use UI. Especially handy for phone trading, and equally mighty for PC usage, this bot outperforms any other web-based extension, and gives you an easier way to manage your current holdings.

Prodigy Bots also offers various custom channels to keep track of new deployments and pairs, with buttons linked directly to Prodigy Sniper Bot, as a great alternative to copying and pasting the contract manually.

We aim to have the cleanest UI and the best bot ecosystem to maximize profits of any of our users.

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