List of releases and main updates to the bot.

0.9.9 - June 26th 2023 Public open beta for the bot.

1.0.0 - June 29th First version.

Ethereum anti-MEV.
Auto-approve added.
Gas delta functionality.

1.0.1 - July 19th Small bug fixes and minor text changes.

Launch snipe type added, triggers when known launch functions are called (Launch(), enableTrading(), etc)
Detects any buys being sent.
Anti-Rug added
This feature triggers a panic sell if the deployer of the contract is caught pulling liquidity. It might not work consistently, as the liquidity removal transaction might be mined first, but it might be worth to try nonetheless.

1.1.0 - July 20th

The wallet balances menu now includes the dollar value of your holdings
Sniper functions improved in reliability and speed.
Added a wallet selector to all three buy, sell and snipe menus
Monitor rug checker. It will show if the token watched can be sold, next to the taxes
Improved gas price detection.
Automatically refreshes price for inactive tokens after pasting them
Aggregate supply and decimals for a cleaner UI
Faster price retrieval
Reworked Refresh button on monitors, now extends tracking time and now guarantees a proper price update.

1.2.0 - July 23rd

Added transaction simulation before executing swap.
More information on token and monitor texts.
Improved error reporting all around the bot.
Token address scan now updates information faster.

1.3.0 - July 28th

Alpha counter: Now you can see how many times a contract has been checked
Gas tracker (ETH only): Added a gwei indicator specific for ETH tokens
Major improvements in the loading times, updates of monitors and orders.
Max transaction adjustment: Now, whenever you surpass the max tx limit for a token, it will adjust itself to a valid amount and buy.
Website update

1.4.0 - August 1st The dawn of V3 in the bot

Uniswap V3 router compatibility.
Initial Pancakeswap V3 support.
Implementation of extra Base swaps.

1.5.0 - August 7th Adding support for Sushi was a struggle

Chain support: Bitrock
Sushiswap on Base (first bot ever to implement any Sushi dex!).
Gas limit configuration added.
Token utility integrated with the bot, premium and fees reductions for token holders.

1.6.0 - August 16th Here are some of the big things we got since then:

More chains supported: opBNB and Shibarium added.
More than 15 new dexes supported
Big performance upgrades, server migration
Security against attackers
Better tax/honeypot checker, working on most v2 dexes
Auto slippage
Anti MEV (Ethereum) improved
Customizable buy shortcut buttons

1.7.0 - September 1st

Eth specific updates for faster slippage calculations with v3
Shibarium specific Upgrades
Upgraded disassembly for contracts
ERC20 Tokens transfers out of the bot
Counting staked tokens for premium

1.8.0 - September 20th

Copy Trading v1.0
Revenue share menu in the bot.
Maestro wallet lifetime fee calculator
Arb and BSC tax to lowered to .5%
Pulse is now a free chain.
Multi-hop tranactions. New types of pairs, once added any other coin that trades against that coin will also work.
Bundling together multibuy transaction messages so it doesn't overload the telegram API
Revised some of the code flow for multibuys, to make sure the user gets error messages correctly
Added the sender wallet to error messages
Small changes in the loads of some processes (chain prices would sometimes not load for a while after an update)
Optimized API calls for prices
Copy Trading Bug Fixes and Optimizations (v1.1)

1.8.5 - September 28th

Added orders menu.
Better detection of token to token pair (non wrapped native pairing).
Uniswap V3 improvements.

1.9.0 - October 2nd

Ape max button.
Added calculated max buy to token menu.
Added warning for coins with high taxes.
You can now recover all old monitors with the magic button.

2.0.0 - October 11th

Price Impact calculation and limit.
Implemented bribes/tipping for Ethereum snipes.
Improved non native pair swapping.
Added support for more Pulsechain dexes.
Chain support: Scroll
Referral system is now available.

2.1.0 - October 14th

Improvements on fee calculations.
Copytrade improvements on alerts, messaging, and configuration.
Added command to cancel a pending/stuck transaction.

2.1.5 - October 18th

Auto-approve on by default.
Several minor server bugfixes.

2.2.0 - October 25th

Improved wallets menu.
Fixed minor bugs on copytrade.
Added ability to cycle wallets or pick them depending on config.
Added support to use Houdini to bridge and perform private swaps straight from the bot.

2.3.0 - October 28th

Server: Implemented Redis on the persistence layer to improve performance.
Fixed bug that would prevent a user wallet from being selected in a very specific scenario.
Updated snipe module to make sure recent snipe settings are not deleted upon bot restart.
Improve token loading after pasting LP address.
Added detection for token addresses on buybot message forwards.
Support for 9inch on Pulsechain.

2.4.0 - November 2nd

More honeypot checkers, allows different dexes to have different checkers.
Implement CA plus refcode shareable link.
Added quick balance command.
Improvements to referral system.

2.5.0 - November 5th

Improvements on Telegram Client performance.
Allow wallet creation straight from start button.
Add templated custom buy buttons for all new users.
Added option to reset custom buttons to chain template.
Try to auto-approve on sell all option.
Implemented 9mm dex on Pulsechain.

2.6.0 - November 15th

Fixed bug in monitors.
Improved copytrade wallet selection.
Improved BSC swaps on tokens with weird mechanics.
Chains: Added support for Cronos.

2.7.0 - November 17th

Added command to revoke approvals.
Chains: Added support for Avax.

2.8.0 - December 2nd

Minor visual fixes.
Increase wallet allowance by PRO tokens.
Display more information on allowed wallets on wallets menu.
Added button to directly scan contracts with Comfyscan.

2.9.0 - December 7th

Chains: Added initial support for Solana with creating wallets, transfers, and swaps.
Adjust monitor refresh time depending on server load.

3.0.0 - December 8th

Added Solana to Houdini.
Added default custom buttons for Solana.
Improved Solana transactions.
Improved contract detection and data loading.
Improved Solana pool data loading.
Improved support for Trader Joe on Avax.

3.1.0 - December 9th

Created hub command.
Added a deployments channel for Avax.
Added extra RPCs for Avax.
Chains: Prepared Fantom, not yet released.
Implement Avax specific token tax and honeypot checker.

3.2.0 - December 11th

Added Avax to Houdini swaps.
Implemented gas delta for Solana.
Implemented monitors for Solana.

3.3.0 - December 12th

Several performance improvements.
Add queue and throttling system for Telegram API calls to avoid losing messages sent to users.
Added "bot is restarting" message.
Order snipe orders by PRO tokens owned and premium.
Make anti-rug transactions use more gas.

3.4.0 - December 13th

Fantom officially released, pair channels added.
Added USDC pairs on Fantom.
Improved anti-rug on Avax.
Added menu to see pending referral payments.
Added USDT pairs on Avax.

3.5.0 - December 17th

Implemented reporting of possible config errors on failed transactions.
Performance improvements.
Added new private Fantom RPC.
Added Fantom to Houdini.
Houdini implementation improvements.
Improve native coin price updater.
Improve Solana swaps.

3.6.0 - December 19th

Added private RPC provider for Solana.
Improved Solana slippage calculation.
Implemented volume command.
Added TTF scanner to Scan button.
Improved block and time delays on sniper.

3.7.0 - December 22nd

Server: code refactors to allow for easier maintenance and upgrades.
Add Solana live block parser.
Add Jupiter support for Solana.
Improve slippage management on Solana.

3.8.0 - December 28th

Added Camelot dex on Arbitrum.
Added extra Solana RPCs.
Implemeneted Uni V3 on Arbitrum.
Chains: Added support for Metis and its dexes.
Added Vapordex on Avax.
Solana: Load tokens from LP addresses.

4.0.0 - January 4th 2024 Major version jump since there's breaking changes and very big new features.

Use Dexscreener API to load data from Solana LPs and tokens.
Improve Solana swaps (again).
Limit orders on Solana.
Move all Solana transactions to V0.
Improved native coin transfers.
Implemented help command.
Solana copytrade released.

4.1.0 - January 7th

Added dollar limits on copytrade feature.
Improvements on Solana failed transaction management.
Improved Solana market data (pair) loading.
Add bot fees straight into all Solana transactions.
Improved priority fee system for Solana.
Order copytrade execution by PRO tokens and premium.

4.2.0 - January 11th

Added warning when a copytrade setup is deactivated due to limits.
Create new messages for older monitors to work around Telegram API limitations.
Improve performance on Solana and getting data from the chain.
Added USDT pairs on BSC.

4.3.0 - January 19th

Added Wagmi support on Metis.
Another improvement to Solana pool data loading.
Added Quickswap on Manta Pacific.
Improved slippage calculation on V3 swaps.

4.4.0 - January 26th

Minor UI improvements.
Improved reading data on-chain for Solana.
Added PacificSwap on Manta Pacific.
Added OpBNB to Houdini.

4.5.0 - January 29th

Improved bot fee management.
New feature: auto buy and sale from paste.
Improved copytrade error reporting.
Improved Solana tx landing.

4.6.0 - February 11th

Fix on native coin transfers.
Improve Sushi support on Base.
Remove dead Base dexes to speed up pair laoding.
Added Equalizer V3 on Fantom.

4.7.0 - February 15th

Added 9mm V3 on Pulsechain.
Improved snipe execution order.
Added Uni V3 on Avax.
Sped up Solana transaction confirmation and revert.

4.8.0 - February 22th

New feature: export PNL.
Added USDC pairs on BSC.

4.9.0 - February 28th

Solana delta is now priority fee.
Implement autoamtic priority fee calculation for Solana.
Improved default gas values all across the board.
Improve ordering of multiple coin pairs so the ones with the most liquidity are picked first always.

5.0.0 - February 29th

Chains: Added Blast.
Increased referral fees.

5.1.0 - March 5th

Implement pooled RPCs where a group of RPCs is used for a chain rather than just one.
Added Uniswap V2 on Base (only V3 was ever used anyway).
Added new, private Base RPCs.
New feature: wrap and unwrap for native gas coins.

5.2.0 - March 6th

Added more extra pairs on Ethereum.
Added wrap, unwrap, and account closing for Solana.
New feature: Add gwei limit for transactions.

5.3.0 - March 10th

Added a load of private RPCs for all main chains.
Improve performance on checking out new addresses.
Solana: Improved pool data detection on copytrade.
Improved current gas checker.

5.4.0 - March 12th

New feature: Custom RPC.
Added more Avax RPCs.
Re-added Jupiter routing on Solana.
Improved Solana copytrade trade detection on non-standard routers.

5.5.0 - March 15th

Improved Solana pool loading once more.
Server improvements on RPC management.
Make contract loading faster.
Show total amount on all chains per wallet on wallets menu.
Improved monitor data refreshing.
Improved Solana transactions so they land more often.
Added a bunch of new RPC providers, removed other providers that didn't live up to expectations.

5.6.0 - March 17th

Improved error handling on the server.
Improved monitor reset and refresh.
Update how Solana transaction slippage is calculated.
Add Uni V3 to Optimism.
Improved Solana transaction landing.
Added new pairs channel for Solana.
Minor fixes on monitor buttons sometimes not working as expected.
Solana only bot is released.

5.7.0 - March 20th

Improved re-generation of old monitors.
Added new RPCs for Cronos.
Improve price updater for gas coins.
Server update to drop all lagging RPC requests that never resolve.
Improved slippage calculation and made it faster.
Added new RPCs for BSC and Arbitrum.
Solana: Find token accounts created with an unorthodox method.
Added support for USDC on Base.
Base only bot released.

5.8.0 - March 23rd

Automatically unwrap WETH on all V3 sales.
Improved token transfer menu.
Improved gas delta calculation.
Use EIP-1559 gas configuration whenever possible to spend less gas and land txs faster.
Performance improvements.

5.9.0 - March 25th

Improve detection of most adequate pool for swaps.
Calculate gas limit on transaction simulation and adjust gas limit to avoid errors.
Improve custom pairs menus and UIs.
Add a warning when gas limit configuration may be too low.

6.0.0 - March 27th

More tight slippage calculation that adjusts the best possible following user config.
Made monitor checks faster.
Update data for all monitors using Dexscreener API as an extra source of data.
Improve picking which gas to use on transactions.
New feature: Add option to disallow copytrades on tokens already owned.
Improved infinite slippage option.

6.1.0 - March 28th

Removed RPCs that are not fast or successful enough.
Added new Cronos RPCs.
Add more notifications to Copytrade statuses.
Extended support for Pancakeswap V3.
Chains: Added support for ZKSync Era.

6.2.0 - March 30th

Improved referrals menu.
Added Ebisusbay dex on Cronos.
Copytrade: Added max market cap check option.
Added button for SOL Offramp through SolSpend.
Made monitor updating faster.
Override Gas delta configuration that is too high.

6.3.0 - March 31th

Chains: Added support for Degen chain.
Improved slippage and gas delta on V3 swaps.
Implemented Syncswap on ZK Sync.

6.4.0 - April 2nd

Implemented Pancakeswap on ZK Sync.
Improved error reporting on Copytrade.
Improved mcap and price check on V3 tokens.
Improved base fee calculation for EIP-1559 chains.

6.5.0 - April 6th

Use multicall to acquire a lot of blockchain data on a single RPC call, speeding up all processes.
Reduce bot fees on chains over 1%.
Copytrade: Extended support for all V3 swaps.
Added Zenon dex on Degen.

6.6.0 - April 12th

Improved automatic unwrap of WETH after V3 sales.
Improved V3 sale tx report.
Fix a bug when loading contracts from ZK Sync.
Added Lynex dex on Linea.
Added Syncswap on Linea.
Improved transaction report for all dex types.

6.6.6 - April 15th

Improved start message.
Improved positions menu.

6.7.0 - April 20th

Improved limit order execution.
Added priority to limit order execution by PRO token holdings and premium status.
Server performance improvements.
Added more RPC calls to multicall.

6.8.0 - April 24th

Added support for PLSX pairs on Pulsechain.
Released backup bot.
Improved best pair selection speed.
Improved V3 pool selection.

6.9.0 - April 30th Nice

New feature: Solana broadcast, increase transaction landing massively.
Improved gas calculation for all evm chains.

7.0.0 - May 6th

Improved transaction log parsing.
Improved data update on monitors.
Server updates to be able to have more backup bots.
Copytrade: Support for non-standard routers like other bot routers.

7.1.0 - May 7th New features delayed due to attack.

Moved all wallets to a new system to store private keys.
Data recovery.

7.2.0 - May 8th

Added private key export for migrated wallets.

7.3.0 - May 12th

Added export wallet option as main on wallets.
Extended support for custom pairs on Pulsechain.
Implemented wallet recovery for banned users.

7.3.0 - May 15th

Improved Solana broadcasting to include all types of transactions besides swaps.
Extended support for new 9mm V3 2% pools.

7.4.0 - May 16th

Copytrade: Implemented support to copy USDC transactions on Solana.
New feature: password system.
Added export wallet option for all wallets on accounts with a password.
Lowered default price impact setting to 20%.
New feature: Option to ignore transaction checks.

7.5.0 - May 17th

New feature: Lock account with password.

7.6.0 - May 23rd

Implemented Ton wallets (unreleased).
Added SparkSwap on Pulsechain.
Improved limit order execution.

7.7.0 - May 26th

Implemented system to allow for translated texts.
Added option to pick one of your wallets to transfer gas coins to.

7.8.0 - May 30th

Improved translations system for upcoming multi-language bot.
A lot of tiny code improvements.
Implemented Ton provider (unreleased).
Remove all RPCs that have been deemed unworthy.

7.9.0 - June 6th

Created system for managing multiple Telegram bots from multiple chain servers.
Rewrite on server to allow for ease of instancing many telegram bots and chain servers.
Improved wallet recovery system.
Add more automated testing to bot functionalitites to find out issues faster.

8.0.0 - June 8th

New feature: Option to pick between automatic gas delta and priority fee or none.
Improve gas detection for transactions.

8.1.0 - June 9th

Improved Cronos and Avax transaction landing with tighter gas setting for less cost.
Small bugfixes.
Implemented system for chain server loading.

8.2.0 - June 11th

Add Jito to Solana broadcasting.

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