Press the Monitor button from a contract or buy a token to start tracking

The trades monitor is one of the core features of the bot. It keeps track of the current holdings of a token for one of your wallets.

When using Multiwallet to buy, it will open as many monitors as wallets configured for multibuy, and keep track of them individually.

You can track multiple tokens if you need to and switch between them easily, so don't worry.

The main message shows the wallet associated with the trade, useful info for the token being tacked including taxes, and a simple PNL breakdown using percentages and showing the current value of the bag.

Pressing the 🔗 button will command the bot to open the buy menu for that coin again.

At the bottom, in case we have extra monitors, we can press on one of the numbers to access the monitor for that token. You can also use the arrow buttons to switch between them.

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