Sell menu

Accessible from the buy menu

The buttons will change upon pressing the Sell menu button, and it will show this:

Options and menus

The refresh button rescans the contract.

This is the wallet select button. It opens a menu to switch your active wallet.

See: Wallet select

Returns to the buy menu

See: Buy menu

Opens the snipe menu for this contract.

See: Snipe menu

Approves the spending this token for the detected pair of that token. It is important to approve, otherwise you won't be able to interact with the dex router to sell. It is possible to toggle an option to automatically approve any tokens you buy, using the /config menu.

See: Auto approve.

Chart button. Opens a link to Dexscreener for the current token. The token needs to have detected pair for the link to work.

Retrieves the amount of tokens held by your currently selected wallet.

This will show a small message like this, displaying the amount of tokens, percentage of the supply that amount represents, and how much it is worth currently, with its dollar value.

Sell buttons

Shortcut buttons

It sells that exact amount of your holdings. Useful for quick selling.

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