This menu is accessed through the Advanced Features option in the /config menu.

You can add any address you'd like to monitor or copy its trades.

This can be easily toggled on and off with the press of a button.

By pressing the cog butotn, an options menu is shown.

The wallet button opens a menu to enable one or more wallets to use for buying the copied trades.

Show Chains

Opens a list of all the chains supported, and lets the user enable or disable one or more chains. Copytrades need at least one chain enabled in order to send transactions.

Even if no chains are selected, the trades performed by the monitored wallet will be notified to the user as long as it is configured as Active in the copytrades list.

The next few buttons define the way the buys are going to be performed.

There are two modes, and the Amount set in the right side is always in dollar value, because this feature can apply to many chains with different values for their main token.

Same or max:

Attempts to buy the same amount as the monitored wallet did.

On the right side, the maximum amount can be set, and in case the amount the wallet bought is superior to whatever the user sets here, it will limit what it spends per trade. Inputting 0 here resets the amount to always use the same as the copied trade.

Set amount:

In this mode, whatever the user sets in the right side will be the amount it will always buy regardless of what the value of the original trade was.

For the sell options, Copy Sell will copy the percentage of the bag the wallet sold, and will try to do the same.

Auto sell, on the other hand, lets the user configure automatic sell orders that will be created after a copied buy. It functions the same way as in the trade monitors, with sell low/high triggering at X% gain (positive numbers) or loss (negative numbers), and an amount for each of the two options separately, to give the user more freedom and different strategies.

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