How do I use the bot?

Main bot

Solana bot

Base bot

Chains supported

Currently on-line

Ethereum, Pulsechain, Base, Solana, Arbitrum, Bitrock, BSC, Cronos, Degen, Fantom, Linea, Metis, Optimism, and ZKSync.

Off-line, available at demand

EOS, Shibarium, opBNB, Mantle, Manta, Satoshix, Scroll, and ZKPolygon.

Config menu

Using the /config command you can access a general/chain configuration menu.

From here you can:

1. Access the wallet menu and create, import, select, delete and rename wallets. 2. Edit each individual chain's own Slippage, Gas price, and Gas limit settings. 3. Enable the chain-wide, Auto Approve, and Anti-Rug features. 4. Access the wallet balance menu and transfer crypto to other wallets.

About the Multiwallet

You can select any of your imported/generated wallets for the Multiwallet in the Multi select mode.

Once you select them, to use the Multiwallet you need to use the Current wallet selection menu, and select Use Multiwallet

Contract scanning

You can paste any token or pair contract to show up a menu for buying, selling, sniping or monitoring the contract in question.

Pasting a pair contract brings up the same menu for the main token of the pair. This way, you can paste a dextools or dexscreener link and you will still be able to buy.

Sniper menu

After pasting a token contract, you can access the Snipe! menu.

You can set it up to snipe Liquidity events, custom Method ids, or wait for known Launch methods, which also triggers when it detects any buys in the mempool. Pretty handy to keep track of when the token is tradeable!

Trade Monitors

After buying, or whenever you desire to do so, tokens can be tracked in a menu that automatically updates your profit and loss, as well as showing a variety of options to sell from there, or make Orders that trigger when specific things happen, like selling half of your bag when a +100% increase in price is reached.

It also counts with an Anti-rug functionality that triggers a sell whenever it catches the owner of the token pulling liquidity.

Disclaimer: V3 tokens are not yet supported.

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