Monitor Orders menu

Upon pressing the Orders menu button on a monitor, you are presented with these extra options.

It might look intimidating at first, but it should be simple enough.

High-Low Sell Buttons

These buttons will trigger once a percentage of change is reached for a trade.

This is shown at the top of the monitor and below the taxes indicator. This number starts at 0% when the monitor is created, and will go up or down depending on the price change over time.

Sell Low

For Sell Low to work you will need to set both of the following options:

Similarly, setting it to 50 (with no negative sign) would try to sell whenever the Change it's under 50% (of profit), so be careful with the signs!

Sell High

For Sell High to work you will need to set both of the following options:

High-Low Sell Buttons (Market Cap)

When clicking the % Change button, it will show different options to set up sell orders when the token reaches a certain market cap.

It works in a similar way to the % Change option, but negative numbers aren't used for the triggers. Instead, for example, if you set a Low mcap sell at 20,000 and an Amount Low of 50%, it would sell half of your bag whenever the token market cap drops under 20,000.

In the same way, using migh Mcap would mean you want to sell once it goes over a certain market cap.

Automatic Buy Buttons

See: High-Low sell buttons.

Extra Options

Monitors have an extra menu where quick access to some handy features are located.

Anti-Rug button

Toggle this option to enable or disable automatic selling of your tokens in the case a rug is detected for this contract.

It will default to whatever it's been set in the /config menu, but it can be disabled or enabled for specific trades.

Will it always work?

There is no way to be certain about panic selling while liquidity is being pulled. The owner of the token might have set a global blacklist or other conditions prior to that, so a sell is never guaranteed. It's still worth trying though, especially when the liquidity removal transaction fails.

There will be more anti rug options in the future, to enable selling when taxes are changed, when trading is disabled, or when tokens are mint. These options are planned to be individually toggleable.

Buy menu button

This is just a shortcut to open the buy menu, where you can pick a different wallet and amounts to buy if you desire to do so.

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