Snipe menu

Accessible from the buy menu

How does it work?

Don't let the top image intimidate you. To enable a snipe for a token you only need to enable any of the options in the top row (liquidity, method, launch), and one of the options in the second row (spend, tokens, percent)

Snipe methods

First of all you need to select what method of sniping to use to trigger the buys.

TIP: You can select all three of the methods at once, and the snipe will trigger whenever the first of them executes.

This option will watch for events when liquidity is added to a pair or when a pair is created for a contract that doesn't have one, and then trigger a buy.

The method snipe option allows you to choose a specific function that will trigger the buy upon calling it. Usually used to trigger on enableTrading(), launch(), and other similar functions.

The contract will be decompiled and show a list of the method ids found in the contract code. Any unknown methods will be still shown, but with question marks instead.

Launch sniper is a good way to try to guarantee a snipe triggering. It watches for all known "enable trading" type methods at once, which is still as fast as the method sniping, plus any buys found in the mempool, which means that if a known method isn't found, it will still try to buy as quick as it notices other people trying to buy the token.

Even if it triggers early, it's a good way to keep track of the moment a token is launching or about to launch.


After selecting a way to snipe, you still need to set up the amount you want to buy or spend.

Extra options

Input 0 to reset it to the default value (infinite).

See: Slippage

See: Gas Δ

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