This command opens up a general configuration menu that includes some chain-specific options.

The text above shows your current chain dependant options. Currently, those are the Slippage, Gas limit, and Gas price.

Switch chain config

This button shows all the different chains. Selecting one will show up the previous menu. The current selected chain will be opened every time we access the /config menu until we switch to another chain through this menu.

Wallet select

This opens a different menu where you are able to generate, import, delete, select, and rename wallets.

See: Wallet select

Wallet balances

This button opens a new menu where you can check all your wallet balances in the current supported chains.

See: Wallet balances


Toggle this button to enable or disable auto approval of tokens after buying, only if they're not already approved for the wallet that bought. Even if it's disabled, you can still manually approve from the sell menus.

Gas price Δ

On top of the automatically detected gas price, you can use this to select how much gwei you want to add to transactions.


The allowed deviation from the expected amounts when sending transactions. Higher slippage means less failed transactions but at the risk of getting a worse price for it.

Input 0 to reset it to the default value.

Gas limit

The more complex a transaction is, the more gas it will use. This option limits the maximum amount of gas used for any transaction, so it minimizes the risk of draining your wallet on a poorly optimized contract or an error in the code.

Input 0 to reset it to the default value.


Toggle this option to automatically create a sell order for any tracked tokens, which triggers whenever liquidity is detected being pulled.

This option can be toggled on and off on every monitor individually, even if this option was initially disabled.

More anti-rug measures will be added in the future.


Opens a new menu where you can setup custom buttons to use in the buy menu.

The buttons created there are specific to each chain, and it's possible to setup two kind of buttons, buttons to buy spending a certain quantity of the native coin, or buttons to buy a specific percentage of the supply of the token.


(Only on Ethereum)

This will protect your trades from MEV bots, hiding your transactions from the mempool. Using this option can be slower than regular transactions.


You can go here to check your total $PRO holdings, your current tax reduction, and menus to buy Premium access and unlock extra features.

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