Buy menu / Contract scan

Paste a contract

Upon pasting a token or LP contract, a basic contract scan message will show up, with the buy menu below and other options.

An LP contract will show a scan for the main token its pair is tied to.

Options and menus

The refresh button rescans the contract.

This is the wallet select button. It opens a menu to switch your active wallet.

See: Wallet select

Opens the sell menu for this contract.

See: Sell menu

Opens the snipe menu for this contract.

See: Snipe menu

Creates a trade monitor, for the currently selected wallet, for this contract.

See: Trades monitor

Chart button. Opens a link to Dexscreener for the current token. The token needs to have detected pair for the link to work.

Toggles the unique retry function of this bot. If a buy is made while this option is enabled, it will keep retrying until a buy is possible, or until 60 seconds have passed.

It won't send a transaction until it is possible to do so, so there is no need to worry about failed transactions.

Disclaimer: this is still subject to the token limits, max buy, slippage, trading enabled, etc.

If this option is disabled while retry attempts are being made, it will stop retrying immediately.

Buy buttons

Other useful info

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